Posted on Thursday 23rd December, 2021

Congratulations Jemma

Jemma Bayliss of QBN Brisbane Northside Masters recently shared her swimming goal with us here, and now for the results! Many of us found Jemma’s commitment and drive to her goal inspiring. We all had fun sharing in her celebrations, joy, and that fabulous feeling when a goal is achieved. 


It was a busy morning at the Valley Pool early on Sunday, the 19th, as QBN members and other important supporters came to cheer Jemma Bayliss as she swam the one hour short course breaststroke. She has been working very hard over the last few months to build up her fitness, which included the 3000m on the way. Her ultimate goal was to break the National “best ever” records for her age group in those two events. In fact, on a recent swimming trip to the Whitsundays, she swam a 2km open water swim doing breaststroke as part of her preparation. Also, many early mornings with the UQ swimmers also figured in her training. 

She also made some significant personal sacrifices as well. That is dedication! 

She put her goals “out there” for all to see and club members and training partners could share her swimming hopes. So, what did she achieve? 


She achieved the following:

National: 3000m:  

  • She bettered the “best ever” record by almost 37 seconds.
  • 1 hour swim: She bettered the “best ever” record by 25m (just missed 50m)


Branch (Qld) :  On the way to the One hour swim, she:

  • Broke her own “best ever” record for 30 minutes by 75m
  • Broke her own “best ever” record for 45 minutes by 100 m
  • Established a new “best ever” record for the 3000m
  • Broke the 60 minute “best ever” record for the 60 minutes swim by 475m


Well done, Jemma. Everyone who has followed this journey with you has witnessed the dedication you have shown to achieve your great results. 

What is the next goal? 5000m short course? Long course? The possibilities are there…….


Thanks to Nola Macaulay for the photography.