Masters Swimming Queensland offers a number of programs to its members.

Many members do not wish to compete in swim meets, but prefer to train for fitness or to improve their endurance during club aerobic or training sessions.

The following programs are available to all members, including non-competitive swimmers. Click on the title to take you to the relevant page for more information.


The Program for longer distance swimmers

Click on the image above to access the MSA page, which explains how the program works. Endurance 1000 is designed for all swimmers who enjoy swimming the longer distances. The Endurance 1000 program consists of a number of distances and strokes, which start with the 400m. Points are awarded and the ultimate goal is to encourage swimmers to achieve maximum points in all events in a calendar year. NOTE: Only one timekeeper is required. All forms for each distance and information on the program are available on the MSA website. To access the page Click here!

Record every distance you swim during training

Click on the logo above to access the Vorgee Million Metre page. The Vorgee Million Metres Program allows you to record every distance you swim, every time you get into the water. You cannot record your drills, which require pool accessories i.e. pull buoy, kickboard, flippers etc. MSQ has an Excel spreadsheet available for ease of recording. Download the Spreadsheet Click Here! to tally all your swims. Once the nominated distance has been completed, submit the spreadsheet and application form to your club recorder for verification. The club recorder must check the spreadsheet and submit it and the application form to the MSQ Administrator: Click on the Form link below to access the application form. Million Metre Application Form For more information about the program click here!

Million Metres Awards

Upon successful completion of each distance, members are awarded with the following:
  • ONE MILLION: a polo shirt and certificate
  • TWO MILLION: a polo shirt and certificate
  • THREE MILLION: a polar fleece, engraved plaque, and a certificate
  • FIVE MILLION: a polo shirt, engraved plaque, certificate, and Vorgee gift pack
  • SEVEN MILLION: a polar fleece vest, engraved plaque, certificate, and Vorgee gift pack
  • TEN MILLION: a taslon jacket, engraved plaque, certificate, and Vorgee gift pack (10 mil).
All garments are embroidered with the Masters Swimming Australia logo, the Vorgee logo, the words “One (two, three, five, seven or ten) Million Metre Club”, and the recipient’s name.

Lane Warriors: all distances swum recorded throughout the year.

The results record the Top 5 Individual winners in each age group category, the club winners and all the results.

How it works

  • Every time you get into the water to swim laps or when you're training, record the distance swum on that day.
  • Your drills count as well i.e. if you use pool accessories e.g. flippers, kickboard..., then the distance swum still counts.
  • Record your daily distance swum on the Excel Spreadsheet, which automatically calculates all your distances.

How it complements the Million Metre Program

In the Million Metre Program you cannot include the distance swum with pool accessories. Example: Day 1: 1000m swum using different strokes 500m drills using kickboard, pull buoy and fins Total distance swum: 1500m The MILLION METRE distance recorded: 1000m The LANE WARRIOR distance recorded: 1500m

The Program Documents

Club Summary: The club summary sheet is the only spread sheet to be sent to the MSQ Administrator on the 14 January. The club recorder must sign off all individual spreadsheets, enter the result and send the one document only.

The Calculations:

The top five distances swum in each of the three categories are recorded. Each winner receives a towel and a certificate. The 3 age categories are:
  • 18 - 34
  • 35 - 60
  • 61+
The top 3 clubs are announced and recorded in the annual report. All distances for each club are added up and divided by the number of swimmers from the club, who entered the program. We encourage members to swim as many metres as they can in one year.

Past Winners:

MSX - The Masters Swimming Queensland Excellence Program

The MSX Program is a Masters Swimming Queensland Program. It is designed for the more competitive swimmers and those who may not be very competitive, but enjoy swimming at swim meets.

How it Works:

  • The results are calculated from the time standards (qualifying times) below, which are based on the FINA events and distances.
  • Every time a swimmer competes in a swim meet, the times are recorded on Meet Manager and the Results Portal.
  • At the beginning of the following year, the previous year's Meet Manager Backup File results are imported into the MSX Meet Manager Program.
  • The qualifying times are in the Meet Manger Program, which recognises the imported result i.e. if the result entered is faster than any of the qualifying times, the swimmer is recognised as having achieved the relevant level or standard - Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze.
  • There are four (4) levels in this program:
    1. Level 1: PLATINUM
    2. Level 2: GOLD
    3. Level 3: SILVER
    4. Level 4: BRONZE

What does a swimmer have to do?

  • All a member has to do is enter as many swim meets as you can.
  • Check the qualifying times and train to beat those times.
  • All you do is train, swim, enjoy the meet and the rest is done for you.

The MSX Program:

A swimmer will need to reach a qualifying time 3 x in one year, to be awarded a level. Example: 3x Gold = Gold 1x Gold + 1x Silver + 1x Bronze = Bronze 2x Platinum + 1 Bronze = Bronze 1x Platinum + 1x Gold + 1x Silver = Silver 3x mixed levels (colours) + the lowest level. You may achieve these levels in the same event or multiple events.

The MSX Awards:

Results will be based on the Qualifying Time Standards only, which will be reviewed and updated. See below.       


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