Lane Warriors: all distances swum recorded throughout the year.

The results record the Top 5 Individual winners in each age group category, the club winners and all the results.

How it works

  • Every time you get into the water to swim laps or when you’re training, record the distance swum on that day.
  • Your drills count as well i.e. if you use pool accessories e.g. flippers, kickboard…, then the distance swum still counts.
  • Record your daily distance swum on the Excel Spreadsheet, which automatically calculates all your distances.

How it complements the Million Metre Program

In the Million Metre Program you cannot include the distance swum with pool accessories.


Day 1: 1000m swum using different strokes
500m drills using kickboard, pull buoy and fins

Total distance swum: 1500m

The MILLION METRE distance recorded: 1000m

The LANE WARRIOR distance recorded: 1500m

The Program Documents

Club Summary: The club summary sheet is the only spread sheet to be sent to the MSQ Administrator on the 14 January.
The club recorder must sign off all individual spreadsheets, enter the result and send the one document only.

The Calculations:

The top five distances swum in each of the three categories are recorded. Each winner receives a certificate, with results recorded on the MSQ website. 
The 3 age categories are:

  • 18 – 34
  • 35 – 60
  • 61+

The top 3 clubs are announced and recorded in the annual report.
All distances for each club are added up and divided by the number of swimmers from the club, who entered the program.
We encourage members to swim as many metres as they can in one year.

Past Winners: