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MSQ has policies on the following:

MSA Policies

For more information on various policies, including:

MPP - Member Protection Policy Privacy Policy and more National Insurance Policy and information
The Masters Swimming Queensland Annual General Meeting is held in March or April, during the State Long or Short Course Championships. The 2015 AGM will be held in Townsville, on Thursday the Saturday, 14th March. To read an Annual Report, click on the relevant report below:


To view the MSQ Constitution amended in March 2015, click on either the pdf or word document:

Masters Swimming Queensland Constitution (PDF)
Masters Swimming Queensland Constitution (word)

Clubs are encouraged to become incorporated. The MSQ Constitution forms a basis for the club constitution. If your club wishes to adapt the MSQ Constitution, use the WORD document.



The Masters Swimming Queensland By-Laws is an important document, which complements the MSQ Constitution. Clubs are encouraged to create By-Laws for their clubs and the basis of any such club documents may be the MSQ By-Laws.

MSQ By Laws - amended August 2012

This page give clubs and members access to various Help Books listed in categories.


This site is intended to document all the procedures used in the management of Masters Swimming QLD clubs, meets and the branch organisation. Members are welcome to contribute to this documentation project. Please contact the Director of Recording for more information. Procedures and Information is broken up into the following categories: Clubs, Meets and BMB.



How to download Team Manager and enter nominations for a swim meet  


Club Recorders need to check the club codes against the names of the competitors. Some codes do not exist in Queensland e.g. QLC and QLB. The document below shows you how to remove the incorrect code. If you need a list of MSQ club codes, check the club names in the 4 different regions. Help for Club Recorder - Remove Incorrect code



Registrar's Help Book
  • Activating Members
  • Setting up Second Claim Members
  • Transferring Members

All about Swimming Rules in Masters Swimming

Swimming Rules can also be found on the Masters Swimming Australia website:
MSA Web site

The following documents apply to MSQ:

  • Procedure Manual for Hosting a State Swim Meet Rules for Conducting a Sanctioned Swim Meet 2011 (pending)
  • Interclub Swim Meets 2014 - (pending ) Additional information and procedures for clubs hosting a swim meet)


The aim is to access information on the following issues:
  • health and wellbeing
  • injury prevention
  • physical health
  • mental and emotional health
  • nutrition, including recipes
  • links to appropriate websites



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