In Queensland we offer a few different types of membership:

  • A full membership attracts the standard fee
  • A Health Care Card Holder is someone who has a HCC card because s/he is a pensioner, unemployed, or unable to work
  • A Life Member has been awarded the title by MSQ and as such pays only the National component of the fee.
  • A second claim member is a member of two or more clubs. The second club may be interstate or within Queensland.  If the member is from interstate, the fee is the Qld State fee plus the club fee.  If the member is from another club in Qld, the fee would only be the club fee, as the Branch and National fee are paid in the first club.
  • NOTE:  A member must be 18 already before s/he can join.  Unless the person is 18 already, s/he cannot compete in any swim meets.

Clubs need to submit a list of their Health Care Card Holders at least every two months if applicable.  Send the list to:

MSQ Clubs

There are four regions in Queensland. Click here! to find the clubs in the region and the contact email and phone numbers.

North Region (North of Mackay)
Central Region (North of Noosa - up to Mackay
Sunshine Region (North of the Brisbane River & south of Maryborough, including South Burnett)
South Region (South of the Brisbane River, Northern New South Wales - Tweed Heads, Lismore etc.)

You may join a club that operates from a pool venue or the virtual club, run from the office (Barbarians)

How to join a club:

  • Check the clubs in the region you live in.
  • Contact the club to find out all the information you require and to introduce yourself.
  • If you have not been a member of another MSA club, you would need to join as a NEW REGISTRATION. Not all clubs include the club fee online and you would, therefore, need to pay the club fee directly to the club.
  • If you have been a member of another club - even if you haven't joined more recently and you wish to transfer to a new club, let that club know and then notify your old club.
  • The new club will need to transfer you to its membership. Once you have been transferred you are ready to register as a RE-REGISTRATION.To access information on clubs in each region, you may click on the region above or check the drop down sub-menus under Clubs Barbarians - State Club

QBR, The Barbarians is a club run by the MSQ State organisation. It was created to cater for swimmers who:

  • live in remote areas too far from existing clubs
  • prefer not to join a club
  • prefer to train with swimmers, who don't belong to a club, but who enjoy training together
  • are unable to find enough swimmers to form a club, but live too far from an existing club

QBR has its own website, managed by one of its members: QBR Website

How to join the Barbarians

  • If you've been a member of MSA at some stage, but maybe not recently, you need to contact the administrator so that you can be transferred from your previous club. Once that has occurred, you RE-REGISTER via the Members' Portal on the right hand side buttons.
  • If you are a new member, register online as a NEW REGISTRATION, select Barbarian Swim Team and follow the prompts.


  • 12 month registrations are valid from 1 January to 31 December
  • 16 month registrations for lapsed or new members are available from 1 September (current year) to the 31 December of the following year
  • 4 month registrations are valid from 1 September - 31 December of the same year

Club Affiliation:

All Clubs are required to affiliate with MSQ each year. Please fill out this form to affiliate. If details of your club change, you can also edit details here: Affiliation Form.


Masters Swimming Queensland's Fee Structure for 2017 / 2018

MSQ offers two types of fees:

  • Standard Fee
  • HCC - Health Care Card Holder Fee

12 month Jan 1 – Dec 31 2019

The fees are made up of Masters Swimming Qld and Masters Swimming Australia Fees.

The individual registration fee is made up of the state, national and a club fee. It means that you have a three-tiered system of support. Club fees vary from club to club.

The Branch Club - The Barbarians (QBR) is administered by MSQ. The additional fee is an administration fee.

MSA offers a Volunteer Membership for non swimming officials, coaches and volunteers. The fee is $10 pa.

To register for the volunteer membership, Click Here!, then click on "New Registration" and in the drop down menu click on: 'Masters Swimming - Non Swimmer'. MSQ Fees 2018 2019

Benefits: What do you get for your Membership?

The following is a summary of the benefits of being a member of MSQ:

MSQ Administration and Volunteer Support:
  • Service Level Agreement Fee for general administration of MSQ
  • Management of Member database
  • Certificates and awards for MSQ Programs
  • Certificates for MSQ Records
  • Medals and Trophies at State Championships
  • New Members' Packs
  • Promotional material for clubs: flyers, posters
  • Website, newsletters and social media access, managed by MSQ Volunteer
  • Verification of state, national and world records by MSQ Volunteer
  • Management of Results of club and state swim meets - MSQ Volunteer

Public Liability & Personal Accident Insurance (swimmers, officials, coaches, MSQ volunteers, guest swimmers for 4 weeks)

Additional Benefits:
  • Participation in MSQ programs: 1. Endurance 1000 2. Vorgee Million Metre Program 3. Lane Warrior 4. MSX - Swimming Excellence Programs
  • Coaching and technical officiating opportunities
  • Coaching, training and technique correction opportunities
  • Coaching Training Programs - MSQ website
  • Coaching clinics
  • Competing at sanctioned inter-club, state, national and international swim meets and championships
  • Travel interstate, throughout Australia and internationally
  • Access to the Results Portal on the MSA website
  • State and national safety standards
  • Quality assurance for events
  • State governance and Policy Management
  • Member of MSA - Masters Swimming Australia
  • Affiliated with FINA
  • Member of an affiliated club

Membership On-Line

Swimmers who wish to join Masters Swimming Queensland are only able to join online. We encourage all members to pay their registration fees online. However, if you do not wish to use your credit card or do not have one, you can make arrangements with your club registrar to organise your online payment.


A previous or current member of MSA - anywhere in Australia or Queensland. Re-register if:

  • you are renewing your MSQ membership
  • you were a member a few years or long ago and you've decided to return to Masters Swimming Qld. Your number will still be in the database. Contact the MSQ office for information on your ID number.
  • you have changed clubs. If you are a new member to a club, but not to MSA, you need to re-register. Prior to re-registering, you will need to organise the transfer from your old club to the new club. The registrar of the new club has to approve of your transfer.
  • The registrar of the new club requests the transfer via the IMG console and the previous club has to accept the transfer to the new club.

New Registration

This is only for a member who has never belonged to Masters Swimming Australia (interstate) or Masters Swimming Queensland

  • Click on the Member Portal (right button - Home Page)
  • Click on New Registration and follow the instructions.


The name you enter on the Clubs Online Database is the name you need to use when you nominate for a swim meet.


If you register your name as Robert Black, but you are mostly called Bob, then you would need to enter all your swim meets under the name Robert. Should you enter a meet under the name Bob Black, the Results Portal will assume that you are two different people. Your results may therefore show up under Robert Black and Bob Black with different IDs.