What is Masters Swimming

Masters Swimming Australia (MSA) is the peak body for adult swimmers aged18 and above. It is a non-government, not-for-profit organisation, constituted in 1975.

Masters Swimming Queensland (MSQ) is a not-for-profit organisation which provides administration to clubs throughout Queensland. Our primary goal is to encourage adults 18 and over to swim regularly for fitness, health, social interaction and competition on local, state and international levels. It also provides a volunteer committee, officials, and other services to support clubs in their activities. There are no limits to how long you can swim and be a member of Masters Swimming Queensland. The state organisation of MSQ is based in the Swimming Queensland (SQ) office, which is in the Brisbane Aquatic Centre, Chandler, Brisbane. Queensland has over 40 affiliated clubs throughout the state.


Mission and Motto

Masters Swimming Australia’s mission is “to provide at club, state and national level an environment to encourage all adults, regardless of ability, to swim regularly and compete in order to promote fitness and improve their general well being.”



Frequently Asked Questions

The word “Masters” sounds intimidating…

The word Masters was a term first used in track and field and was later adopted by many other sports. In swimming, Masters simply means 18 and older. There are a few ways of joining Masters Swimming. You need not be a highly competitive swimmer or even want to compete, but whatever your needs, MSQ, through its clubs, will cater for your particular needs.  If you’re 18 years old already or older (no age limit), you can join one of our Masters’ clubs. There is something for every level of swimmer and we would love to meet you.

I’m not fast enough or fit enough to be a Masters swimmer…

This statement is quite common. We don’t care how fast you are! In nearly every Masters’ club, there are others of similar ability, or those who started where you are and have improved. Don’t let your perceived ability , or lack thereof, hold you back. Although it’s important to have a medical check up before starting any exercise routine, you don’t need to be in shape to start Masters’ swimming – we’re here to help you achieve your goals.

I’m too old to exercise…

swimming can offer anyone of any age huge range health benefits.

  • numerous studies have proven that regular exercise significantly contribute to good physical and mental health.
  • stress reduction, weight control, cardiovascular fitness, increased flexibility, reduced cholesterol, muscle tone improvements, endurance are all benefits of swimming regularly.
  • The social benefits are equally important; swimming with others fosters community spirit and offers an opportunity to meet new friends.

I swim on my own, why should I join?…

Benefits to Queensland swimmers include insurance, e-newsletters, sanctioned swim meets, programs and more. The programs and services available at club level vary from club to club, but generally include a safe, managed environment to encourage fitness, friendship and fun, coaching by qualified Masters Swimming Coaches, social events, sanctioned swim meets, endurance swims and club merchandise. Other reasons include:

  • Meet new people and make new friends
  • Train with others
  • Technique and Stroke correction for all levels
  • Option of competing in State/National/International Swimming Championships
  • Opportunities to become a Coach and/or Technical Official
  • Opportunities to become a Board Member

If you don’t wish to join an actual club, but would still like to enjoy the benefits offered by MSQ, you can join the State club, known as QBR – The Barbarians. This club caters for swimmers who prefer not to be part of a Masters’ club or live in an area where there are not enough people to form a club. Members of The Barbarians are spread throughout Queensland.

Do I have to compete to be a Masters Swimmer?…

No. Some swimmers are members purely for social, fitness or other reasons. There are a number of programs available to include swimmers who do not wish to compete at sanctioned meets:

  • Check out our website for the event’s calendar for a list of all our swim meets
  • Swim in a club Endurance 1000 program
  • Participate in the Lane Warriors program
  • Clock up your distances swum, in the Million Metre program

I’m a triathlete, why should I join?…

Many triathletes, join Masters Clubs because training with swimmers is the best way to improve their swim leg. Swimming other strokes besides freestyle, adds valuable skills used in their swim, builds stamina and improves technique. You can also participate in Masters’ events outside the Triathlon season.

Do I have to join to attend a squad or compete?…

MSA provides a national insurance that covers all affiliated Branches and their Clubs through Public Liability. It also covers members with a personal accident insurance policy. For the insurance to be in effect, all participants within the activity, including club training or competition, must be a financial member of MSQ. Before you join:

  • Swim and/or train with a club for four (4) weeks and if you like it, register as a member.
  • Swim at a swim meet as a guest swimmer. Our swim meets are a lot of fun, whether you’re competitive or not.
    You are entitled to one (1) guest swim before you consider joining our organisation.

What can I expect?…

Try to swim in a lane that fits your ability and don’t get discouraged! Swimming is different to running, cycling, and other endurance activities. Regardless of your fitness level, be patient, it can take months to get into good swimming shape. Don’t be shy—ask for help; most Masters’ swimmers and coaches are happy to welcome new members. Camaraderie and new friends are two of the best benefits of swimming regularly with a group.

YES, sign me up!…

In Queensland we offer a few different types of membership:

  • A full membership attracts the standard fee
  • A Health Care Card Holder is someone who has an HCC card because s/he is a pensioner, unemployed, or unable to work
  • A Life Member has been awarded the title by MSQ and as such pays only the National component of the fee.
  • A second claim member is a member of two or more clubs. The second club may be interstate or within Queensland. If the member is from interstate, the fee is the Qld State fee plus the club fee. If the member is from another club in Qld, the fee would only be the club fee, as the Branch and National fees are paid as a member of the first club.
How to join

Go to our website www.mastersswimmingqld.org.au and look for a club in your area. To join a club, please contact the club to introduce yourself.  If you were a previous member of any club either in Queensland or interstate, but haven’t registered for some years, you can re-register. Your previous ID number is still available. If you need to find out what the number is, contact: admin@mastersswimmingqld.org.au.


Welcome to Masters Swimming!