Posted on Thursday 2nd December, 2021

Jemma Bayliss – Swimmer Profile

Changing State Has Me Going For National

I moved from Melbourne to Brisbane 2 1/2 years ago for a fresh start. I had worked so hard for the past decade that I did not have any hobbies outside of Real Estate. It seemed the right time to get one! I had always loved the water and had been a competent swimmer all my life. However, I’d never been part of a swim squad. I watched YouTube videos for a few months and started swimming at The Valley. I gradually increased my fitness until I could swim about 1.5 km, then joined Swimfit, a morning program run by the Valley Pool. The people were really friendly and welcomed me into the group, despite not being able to complete the sessions for many months. Eventually, I could finish a 3km session four times a week. After seeing a sign outside the pool, I joined Masters (Brisbane Northside) squad which trains on Sunday mornings. I FELL IN LOVE…..!

I am absolutely in love with swimming and our community whose focus is Fitness, Friendship and Fun! Masters swimming has helped me make new friends in a new city and I have discovered something I am just a passionate about as Real Estate.

Journey to 3000 metres Breaststroke…

I am currently focused on achieving a National Record/ “Best Ever” time for 3000 metres Breaststroke.

How and why did I decide to train for this?

Firstly, Breaststroke is my stroke, I love its rhythm and powerful kick. Secondly, after two years swimming with Masters, racing at swim meets, and competing in my first State Titles it was pretty evident that I was not a sprinter. The longer the event, the better my results were. Unfortunately, my times for 400m and 800m breaststroke were still too slow to place in the top 3 in QLD so I ventured onto the Masters website to look at all the records. I wanted to be the best at something.

I found two records that were not impossible for me to work towards: The 3000 metres breaststroke in 58:15.60 and the 60 minutes breaststroke (Endurance 1000) 3075 metres.

I did a test run with 1500 metres in late July to enter the Toowoomba Tadpoles postal event. I did it in 31 minutes…. I would need to take off approximately 8 seconds per hundred metres if I was to break those records. Since then, I swapped from The Valley SwimFit over to UQ where Sean and Ethan have been so supportive and helpful in teaching me how to train. Every session I am stuck in the outside lane doing on average 2-2.5km breaststroke, lagging behind while everyone else is doing freestyle… Fun times! I train at UQ 5 days a week. On Saturdays I get stroke correction with QBN’s coach Irene, and Sundays is the best day when Brisbane Northside masters train and have breakfast together. Two gym sessions are thrown in there each week (I had never trained at the gym before attempting this).

I gave up smoking in July to improve my swimming. Also no drinking for the last four weeks to give me better recovery at training and the best chance to achieve my goal. I’m 3 weeks out from attempting these records.


When? 19 December – 7:15am

Where? The Valley Pool


Feel free to come and support my first record attempt. Everyone is welcome!

Stay tuned for the result…..