MSQ Director of Recording, David Findlay at the UQ Masters Meet
Posted on Monday 14th October, 2019

Recording Update #1



As of today records are currently up to date, including those set at the UQ Swim Meet. So if you’ve set a record recently these are now available to view online and certificates should be coming out soon. Record updates are usually batched, so the next update will likely be at the end of the year after the remaining swim meets of this season. 


Quick Entry

Thanks to everyone who’s tried out Quick Entry in the last few weeks. Around 80% of people who’ve tried it seem to have been successfully able to enter on the first attempt. I’m still working to fix problems that have stopped some users from being able to complete an entry there. At first there was an issue with users of Microsoft Edge, but this has now been fixed. I’m aware of problems with the next button being disabled for some users.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be working to bring all the other functionality currently in Entry Manager to Quick Entry. Some of the new things coming are:

  • Easy access to entrant contact and emergency details for Meet Organisers
  • Club Captain functions, including relays
  • Ability to scratch your events online if you’re not attending a meet or won’t be swimming certain events

If you’re having any problems at all with Quick Entry or have suggestions about improvements(other than adding all existing Entry Manager functionality) please feel free to contact me.


Meet Innovations

On Saturday QUQ held a very successful meet with a lot of innovations under trial. These included:

  • Reverse order heats (fastest to slowest)
  • Disallowing No Time (NT) entries and requiring using of a recent past or personal best seed time
  • Meet Check In

If any Meet Organisers of upcoming meets would like to trial these options and are not sure how, please feel free to contact me for instructions on how to do so. Happy to help any clubs with trials or implementation of new things.


Didn’t get your previous times in Quick Entry?

If you’ve entered a meet recently and not been able to access your personal bests or recent times via Quick Entry here are some tips:

  • Log in using your account – if you’ve got an Entry Manager account, use these details. Most accounts are set up with a membership attached so the system will be able to use this to find your swim history.
  • If not logged in, be sure to enter your membership number when asked. Quick Entry uses your membership number to find your swim history.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


Meet Check In

Meet check in is a new thing that we trialed a the QUQ meet. It’s intended to solve two problems:

  • Stopping people who aren’t at the meet getting results.
  • Helping the recorder to identify when people swim in the wrong lane or wrong heat.
  • Identifying omissions from the program early in the day

Jacqui was at the entrance with an iPad endeavouring to catch everyone as they came in and mark them off the attendance roll. When we were informed of people who were not attending, I scratched their events for the day in Meet Manager. 

While a few people tried to skip past without checking in, by and large it worked well. We’ll continue to trial this at future meets. 

How you can help:

  • Be sure to only advise that a member isn’t attending if you are absolutely sure they are not or will not be at the meet.

If you’d like to trial Meet Check In at your meet, please contact me for details on how to do it. 


Thanks everyone and I’ll try to get a new update out soon. 

MSQ Director of Recording, David Findlay