Heather, MSQ Official at the 2019 Miami Masters Meet.
Posted on Monday 21st October, 2019

Heather – Master Volunteer

We hope you enjoy reading a little background on one of our wonderful volunteers – Heather Butler of the Albany Creek Masters. Thank you for the time you have generously given to Masters Swimming Queensland over many years!

Heather became a Masters swimmer in 2006 after finding the Albany Creek Masters Swimming Club. She had always been an adult swimmer at various school pools, but once Heather found this club, her enthusiasm for swimming grew. The Club provided opportunities for competitive swimming, open water swimming, and Heather’s favourite “Aerobic” swimming.

Always inspired by Australia’s great swimmers and their achievements, Heather has worked hard to improve her swimming. So it was not surprising when she wanted to take on a coaching role within the club, and share her knowledge with others.

With a keen eye for detail, this was a role she actively pursued in the club from 2007-2018. Holding both Green and Bronze Licences, together with a Masters Club Coach qualification, Heather had the necessary theory to supplement her years of adult squad swimming.

This year she withdrew from the coaching roster, but is still supportive of the other coaches. It was time for her to branch out and do more as a MSQ Referee. Whilst Refereeing has provided some challenges, she has grown in the position, quickly advancing her knowledge and experience within her new team.

At Albany Creek, Heather has always stepped in to volunteer for work. Whether in a formal role or not, Heather has been prepared to pick things up when others have been on holidays or sick, so that things just keep moving along as need be.

Volunteering in the roles of Club “Aerobic” Officer, and Vice President to Greg Bott, helped Heather prepare for other roles. She was the Albany Creek Masters’ President for 4 years from 2010, forging good relationships with pool management, other Masters swimming clubs, and the MSQ administration team.

Whilst being Secretary to our past President Philip Fowler for 2017-18, she successfully stepped into the Meet Director role for 2018-19, hosting a very successful swim meet with her QAC team. She will be there again for 2020.

Masters swimming provides many opportunities to volunteer, and Heather certainly has endeavoured to volunteer as often as she can. Masters Swimming Queensland would like to sincerely thank Heather for her many years of volunteering in a wide variety of roles. She has developed a deep knowledge of masters swimming, and is always happy to offer thoughtful and considered input and assistance to others, both on pool deck and in the administration of masters swimming. Thank you Heather!

Heather, when president of Albany Creek Masters 2015
Heather presented with the winning trophy at River City 2012
Celebrating after a 50 second PB for the 800m at the FINA World Masters in Perth 2008
Heather with the QAC Albany Creek Masters at River City 2012 – Highest Aggregate Points winners
Heather – Cairns 2010
Heather on pool deck at the Brisbane Aquatic Centre
Heather officiating at the MSQ State Championships
Heather with the officiating team at the UQ Masters Meet 2019
Heather the swimmer – River City 2016