Posted on Monday 16th October, 2023

Allianz Swim Club Launch

Allianz Insurance, AUSTSWIM and MSA Join Forces to Launch Allianz Swim Club’s Adult Learn to Swim Program

In a collaborative effort, Allianz Insurance, together with AUSTSWIM and Masters Swimming Australia, have introduced a groundbreaking Adult Learn to Swim Program (ALTS) known as the Allianz Swim Club. This initiative is set to make a splash in the adult swimming community, with multiple Masters Swimming Queensland clubs playing a pivotal role in its delivery. The clubs were selected based on their affiliation with AUSTSWIM’s gold level teaching facilities, which are conveniently located within their home venues.

The following MSQ clubs deserve special recognition for their enthusiastic participation in the Allianz Swim Club’s ALTS program. These clubs have not only embraced the opportunity to welcome new swimmers but are also committed to introducing them to the vibrant Masters swimming community. Through this program, they aim to create a platform for social interaction and continued growth in swimming and fitness for all participants.

The participating MSQ clubs are as follows:

  • Cairns Clams at Tobruk Pool in Cairns
  • Noosa Masters at Noosa Aquatic Centre
  • Albany Creek Masters at Albany Creek Leisure Centre
  • North Mackay Sinkers at Mackay Aquatic & Recreation Complex

Allianz, in collaboration with AUSTSWIM and MSA, took charge of advertising, promotion, and recruitment within the local communities. It comes as no surprise that the available spots in all locations were quickly filled, demonstrating the high demand for such a program.

The Allianz Swim Club’s ALTS program holds a crucial role in equipping adult non-swimmers with essential swimming skills. Welcome events have been organized to introduce participants to the program and provide them with the opportunity to connect over morning tea. Lessons officially commenced on October 9th, and swimmers are eagerly embarking on their learn-to-swim journey.

MSQ extends its heartfelt gratitude to Allianz Insurance for spearheading this invaluable initiative, which focuses on imparting the life-saving skill of swimming to adults in the community. This collaboration promises to be a significant step towards enhancing water safety and promoting a healthier lifestyle among adults.

The following is a summary of the Welcome events held at each venue in Queensland. Thank you very much to our four MSQ clubs for taking part in this program. 

Cairns Clams – Tobruk Memorial Pool

The Tobruk Memorial Pool was the meeting place for our new Adult Learn to Swim ‘ALLIANZ SWIM CLUB’.  Our Morning Tea commenced at 11 am and we had 14 attendees.  Nola and Helen our Learn to Swim Teachers and coordinators were in attendance.  Ted from Cairns Legends and Masters Swimming (CLAMS) was also there to greet the swimmers.

A great morning tea was laid on for the participants.  The majority of the ‘swimmers’ had already organised their classes.  They all got along ‘swimmingly’ and were eager to commence their journeys at the pool, they were reminded that the Brisbane Olympics would soon be upon us.

A quick tour of the pool complex…

Addressed the elephant in the room, the 50 metre pool was empty, as the entire bottom surface has to be retiled.  This did not deter or daunt our swimmers as they realized that the International Standard Pool was 2 metres deep, and the bottom would not be found if they had to stand up…. 

  • We passed our flowrider/wave pool and they were relieved when they were told this pool was in week 3 of the program…
  • The program pool or indoor pool impressed ‘The Squad’, it was heated to about 30 degrees and was 1.35 metres deep.  This would be the pool used for the classes…
  • The outdoor pool also impressed as it was not 2 metres deep.  It had a waist deep shallow end and a comfortable 1.35 metre deep end.

The participants all had a desire to give swimming a go and were very appreciative of the opportunity where they would be with people with shared ambitions and equal skill sets.  They saw it as a chance to develop a skill which they would use for health outcomes, to enhance family bonds and socialize.

Our ‘Swim Squad’ was happy to have their photograph taken… as they demolished the morning tea.

Noosa Masters – Noosa Aquatic Centre

Noosa Masters recently played host to an enthusiastic welcome meeting for participants of the Allianz Swim Program. Approximately 11 individuals gathered for this inaugural event, which aimed to acquaint newcomers with the Noosa Masters Club and foster a sense of camaraderie within the swimming community. A memorable snapshot capturing this event features the Noosa Masters Club representatives alongside their swim school instructors.

To ensure that attendees had all the necessary information at their fingertips, the Noosa club provided a brochure on the benefits of masters swimming. They also offered a handy fridge magnet and extended a warm invitation to their upcoming club breakfast scheduled for November 29th. This date was strategically chosen, aligning with the anticipated conclusion of the swim program on November 28th. Prospective members will have the perfect opportunity to join and witness the vibrant Noosa Masters swimming group in action.

During the welcome meeting, valuable insights were shared. A talk on masters swimming was delivered to provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the club’s mission and benefits. Additionally, Jan Croft, the head club coach, took the floor to discuss the art of coaching swimmers, while Wendy, another dedicated coach, elaborated on the club’s vibrant social aspects. These informative sessions laid the foundation for a promising journey into the world of Masters swimming.

The meeting was well-received by all, and the future appears promising, with a well-structured eight-week program on the horizon. With the program schedule in hand, Noosa Masters is committed to reaching out to those swimmers who may have missed the initial welcome meeting, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to dive into this exciting swim journey.

Albany Creek Masters – Albany Creek Leisure Centre

The Albany Creek Leisure Centre, in collaboration with the Albany Creek Masters Swimming Club, extended a warm and hearty welcome to 25 eager members of the Allianz Swim Club during a delightful morning tea event held on Saturday, September 30th.

The event was attended by the Albany Creek Leisure Centre Manager, the Learn to Swim staff, and the esteemed President of the Albany Creek Masters Swimming Club. Together, they created a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere that set the stage for a promising journey into the world of swimming.

The centre manager and learn-to-swim instructors took the center stage, offering insights into the program’s progression. They provided attendees with the important dates and times for the initial and subsequent lessons. The President of the Albany Creek Masters Club stepped in to share the many advantages of joining the masters swimming club and highlighted the abundant benefits of maintaining a regular swimming routine beyond the initial weeks.

A lively exchange of questions and discussions ensued, as Allianz members and the dedicated pool staff shared insights and addressed queries. Following these engaging conversations, the Allianz members were treated to an informative tour of the leisure centre’s facilities.

The day was capped off with a delightful morning tea, generously hosted by the Leisure Centre. During these discussions over tea and pastries, the pressing need for the program became abundantly clear. Many conversations revolved around alleviating the apprehension associated with entering the water, submerging, and moving confidently. However, it was evident that the experienced pool staff had all the solutions to these concerns, reaffirming the program’s importance and its potential to transform the lives of its participants.

The warm and informative morning tea was not only a welcoming gesture but also a testament to the community’s commitment to nurturing a passion for swimming and breaking down barriers to aquatic fitness. The Albany Creek Leisure Centre, in partnership with the Albany Creek Masters Swimming Club, is set to make a lasting impact on the journey of these Allianz Swim Club members as they embark on their aquatic adventure.

North Mackay Sinkers – Mackay Aquatic & Recreation Complex

On Tuesday, October 3, 2023, a Meet & Greet event unfolded as a promising prelude to an exciting aquatic journey. Both Rik de Meer and Dan Stampa arrived early for the 5:30 PM gathering, displaying their readiness to lend a hand in setting up. However, the scene was already beautifully arranged, thanks to the eager and dedicated Belgravia staff who had thoughtfully prepared a delightful spread of refreshments, creating a warm atmosphere for the event.

Kimberley Horsfall, the site manager, shared exciting news regarding the Learn-to-Swim (LTS) participants. Of the 18 participants expected to attend the Meet & Greet, 16 had already arrived by the time the event commenced. In addition to Kimberley, Rik, and Dan, two of the four LTS instructors also joined the occasion.

A remarkable blend of cultures was evident among the predominantly female participants, contributing to the vibrant atmosphere in the room. While mingling, it became evident that each participant had a unique and inspiring story behind their motivation to embark on the LTS sessions. A common theme emerged, highlighting the lack of early-age swimming opportunities due to limited facilities, adverse weather conditions, or other factors. Some shared experiences of childhood trauma related to water incidents but had bravely overcome their fears to embrace this pilot program.

Kimberley took the stage, providing an in-depth overview of the program and extending an invitation to the participants for a tour of the facilities, which was warmly embraced at the event’s conclusion. A question-and-answer session ensued before an introduction to Masters swimming, explaining its role in the program.

Dan Stampa, President of the North Mackay Sinkers Masters Swimming Club, stepped forward to outline Masters swimming in Queensland, emphasizing the club’s focus on swimming, social interaction, and community engagement. Many of the LTS participants expressed interest in the possibility of a 3-month Masters membership, creating a positive outlook for the future. Dan fielded numerous inquiries about Masters swimming, addressing them comprehensively after the event.

The gathering also provided an opportunity for those inclined to capture a memorable moment in front of the 25m pool and the Allianz Swim Club Flag. After 45 minutes of enriching interactions, the room was abuzz with satisfaction and enthusiasm. Each participant eagerly anticipated the beginning of their LTS journey, fully aware of the transformative potential the next 8 weeks and beyond hold for them.

This Meet & Greet event marked a promising commencement of their aquatic adventure, filled with camaraderie, inspiration, and the opportunity for personal growth.