Posted on Tuesday 30th June, 2020

We Are Back!

MSQ clubs are extremely happy to be returning to our pools. 

After almost three months without water to dive into and a black line to follow, Queensland clubs are rejoicing as venues reopen allowing swimmers their daily swimming fix. 

Our motto is Fitness, Friendship and Fun, and that is exactly why our members love to swim. A club swim session keeps us fit and healthy, provides some social fun with friends, and keeps us feeling great all day. It’s no wonder we are feeling much better being back in the water! 

That’s not to say some didn’t manage to find water during the COVID-19 shutdown. Many did – taking to swimming in the Enoggera Dam, and at local beaches, rivers and waterways.

Although restrictions are still in place, many clubs are now getting back in the swim, and have sent through photos of the new way of training in the era of social distancing. 

University of Qld Masters back in the 25m pool
Ted and Craig happy to be back in Tobruk Pool, Cairns
Albany Creek Masters are back!
Cotton Tree Masters return
Palm Beach pool ready to dive into

Miami Masters:

Noosa Masters back at the NAC:

QAL Aqualicious Masters:

17 dedicated Aqualicians back in the water at the Centenary Pool

If you have photos of your club back in the pool, send them to the MSQ Facebook page, or please email. We would love to share them!