QAC, QAL & QBN Masters clubs
Posted on Friday 13th December, 2019

Three Club Sprint Morning

QAC Albany Creek Masters, QAL Aqualicious & QBN Brisbane Northside Masters

Since 2015 three North Brisbane clubs have been getting together for a sprint morning. Recently Albany Creek Club hosted an extra 30+ swimmers from Brisbane Northside and Aqualicious for a Christmas themed morning.

After some last nominations, Karina briefed swimmers on race formalities – readiness, whistles, frequent infractions and basic rules. There were several newbies to Masters swimming present, so the feedback on this segment was very positive. It also doesn’t hurt the more experienced swimmers to be reminded of rules too!

Karina giving some race tips.

Five events were on offer. The starter’s “Duck Quack” whistle always gets a laugh. Times were recorded and then mixed teams battled in a final relay.

Teams assembling for the relay.
Relay start to the sound of “the duck”.

Meanwhile, bacon & eggs, tomatoes, onions and hash browns were cooking for a well-deserved breakfast. Homemade cakes, fruit and tea / coffee followed.

Some very festive Northside members – Shelley, Tony (taking out the prize) and Bev.

MSQ President Shane came along, helping with timekeeping and it was also pleasing to see former MSQ Administrator Helga (a foundation QAC member) – both showing interest and support of this swim/social event.

Everyone was gone by 10am after a great morning – smiles all round and ready for more Christmas gatherings! Next year we look forward to a morning or afternoon hosted by Aqualicious and Northside.