Cairns Clams distancing at training
Posted on Tuesday 21st July, 2020

Stay COVID-Safe in Qld

MSQ members are excited to be able to return to our pools, but please remember that ‘contact distancing’ is the way to go.

Whilst we are very lucky in Queensland at the moment, let’s not be complacent. One casual unknown contact with a COVID-positive person in the community that is then brought into a club, and we will be shut out of our pools again.

Maybe ‘social distancing’ is not quite the correct term to use as we all want to be ‘social’ again, but let’s have no close contact. Shoulder to shoulder with your club mates in or out of the pool, or scrambling over swimmer’s gear at the end of the pool can spread this virus. Minimum training gear only should be at the end of pools – no gear bags! Maybe coaches can let their swimmers know what gear is required, and perhaps use only one piece of equipment per session.

We all want to be able to continue to swim and nobody wants to return to the ‘no pool’ situation.

No complacency, let’s keep our distance but remain social. Happy swimming to all!