Posted on Wednesday 20th January, 2021

Roger Clocks up 5 Million Metres

Congratulations to Rogen Dibden, of the QBR Barbarians for achieving 5 Million Metres! Our thanks to Vorgee for the award and prizes. Here’s a little about Roger.

Q. How did you first become involved with swimming?

A. I always liked swimming but took a greater interest when my sons joined nippers in the late eighties.  I helped with water safety and gained my SLSC (North Cronulla 1988) so ever since I have tried to maintain a level of fitness. I moved to Brisbane 1989 and found new pools in various venues.

Q. What do you love about swimming?

A. I love being outside and the feeling of working out in the elements. I also like the exhilaration it gives me after a session. I’m not a fan of indoor pools although in really bad weather they do have advantages.

Q. When did you first join Masters Swimming?

A. I joined Masters in the mid-nineties. For quite a while I did not keep records of what I did. Initially I thought an achievement like 1 million metres was a bridge too far.

Q. Most memorable swimming moment?

A. There are three moments that stand out for me. The first was quite a while ago when the club I was with participated in the national aerobic trophy. That year I submitted 400m fly times and got a first. The second was a postal event called the Beast Master in 1999. Over a period of a month you had to swim a 800m freestyle, 800m medley, 400m form stroke and a 400m medley. The third, was swimming out through the break early one morning on the Gold coast. On reaching the other side of white water, the next wave was picking up. With the sun directly behind the wave, I could see the silhouette of a shark (about 2m). Luckily it kept swimming in the direction it was going, however I am certain it knew I was there.

Q. Favourite events?

A. I like medleys, fly and distance events. I am not a fast swimmer so not a fan of sprints.

Q. How often do you swim, and where?

A. I like to swim at least three time a week, with a different routine each session. The pool I used mostly was Logan pool at Underwood. However since a new pool opened just up the road from me at Parkinson, it is the pool I use now.

Q. What motivates and inspires you?

A. I know, if I do not swim for a while I get very lethargic. Do not like that feeling compared to the general feeling of wellbeing from swimming.

I’m still involved with Surf Lifesaving and need to maintain my level of fitness. You cannot fool the surf.

Q. Have you had setbacks to overcome?

A. The setbacks over the years have been too numerous to mention them all. The most recent being my second heart attack in February this year. Just as I was given a recovery program, the pools were closed for COVID-19. Luckily I found a cheap dry water trainer and weights I already had and made a program of my own.

Q. Favourite things? Likes & dislikes?

A. I have too greater passion for most types of food. Medical waiting rooms are a big dislike.

Q. What upcoming events are you swimming in?

A. I have no thoughts of any other events at the present. Just going to carry on with what I am doing.

Your career?

A. I was made redundant just over four years ago. After working forty nine years as an electrician, I thought that was enough. I now keep busy in the garden, with jobs around home, push bike riding along with little trips. There is no time left for work now.

Q. Philosophy on life? Favourite saying?

A. Treat other people as you like to be treated, and use it or lose it. You have to keep physically and mentally active and be happy doing it.

Do not know if I have a favourite saying that I can remember. The only thing that comes close is a saying at one of my jobs that was used to stir people up: ‘You have taken all day to do a five minute job.’ These days, I have elevated that to a whole new level!

Q. What would you say to someone who is thinking of becoming a Masters Swimmer?

A. From my own experience, I have met some wonderful people. I love seeing different places and swim venues, and all while keeping yourself fit and socialising with people with similar views to your own.

Roger would like to thank all involved in this award, and was thrilled to receive his acknowledgement package consisting of a new polo shirt, trophy and a Vorgee pack with goggles, cap and gear bag. All will be treasured items and reminders of his milestone achievement. This photo was taken at the Parkinson Pool prior to Roger’s morning swim. Our sincere thanks to Vorgee for this award, and congratulations Roger!