Posted on Wednesday 15th May, 2024

MSQ Coach of the Year 2023

Ronald Rhodes named Masters Swimming Queensland Coach of the Year 2023

Ronald Rhodes, Brisbane Southside Masters coach, has been awarded the prestigious Masters Swimming Queensland (MSQ) Coach of the Year for 2023. The accolade recognises Ron’s exceptional coaching abilities and his profound impact on the swimmers under his tutelage.

Ron, who currently coaches three sessions per week – Monday morning, Wednesday evening, and Friday morning – has been instrumental in the development and success of his swimmers. Despite facing his own health challenges, including multiple strokes, Ron’s dedication to his craft and his athletes remains unwavering.

Under Ron’s guidance, 11 swimmers attend his sessions, with four achieving top 10 placings in 2023. Notably, six swimmers are serious contenders for top 10 placings, while five are keen on improving their performance, all benefiting from Ron’s coaching expertise.

One of Ron’s key strengths is his ability to tailor training programs to individual needs. His focus on stroke techniques, strategic training routines, and insightful feedback has led to remarkable improvements in his swimmers’ performance and endurance levels.

His coaching style, described as patient, consistent, and supportive, has garnered praise from his trainees. Jacinta, a swimmer under Ron’s guidance, noted, “Ron has incredible patience and cannot fault his consistent and supportive coaching style!” Another swimmer, Chris, highlighted Ron’s role in improving his overall fitness and race times, stating, “Ron combines endurance work, sprint training, stroke correction advice, and a variety of drills during training sessions.”

Ron’s commitment to the values of acceptance, consideration, respect, and fairness for all participants further sets him apart. Swimmers admire his enthusiasm, personalized coaching, and ability to create a positive and inclusive team environment.

In addition to his coaching accolades, Ron has completed numerous courses to enhance his coaching skills, including Sports Manipulation, Anti-doping courses, and the Swimming Australia Safe Sport Course, among others.

Ron’s coaching journey began in 1993 under the guidance of Michael Bohl. He has coached at various places over the years, including Clarevaux McKillop College, CJ’s Carina, Coorparoo State School, Superfish Sunnybank, AJ’s Algester, and currently at Southside Masters and Salisbury Scorpions.

Ron’s dedication to his athletes’ success, coupled with his innovative coaching techniques and unwavering support, make him a deserving recipient of the MSQ Coach of the Year 2023 award. His impact extends beyond the pool, inspiring a commitment to excellence and fostering camaraderie among his team.

Ron’s win is a testament to his passion for coaching and his ability to empower his swimmers to achieve their full potential. Congratulations Ron, on this well-deserved recognition!

Ron with Brisbane Southside Masters swimmers