Posted on Friday 14th July, 2023

Father and Daughter to Race in Fukuoka

Father and daughter, Graham Croft and Angela Pond (née Croft), are set to compete together in the upcoming World Masters Championships in Fukuoka.

Graham, a seasoned swimmer, has participated in seven previous Masters World Championships events since 1988, held in various countries including Italy, Sweden, Hungary, and South Korea. His most memorable performance was in his hometown of Perth in 2008, where he broke a world record in the 400m freestyle with a 4:48. Graham achieved remarkable success, with wins in the 100m, 200m, 400m and 800m freestyle events, and second place in the 50m freestyle.

This year, competing in the 75 to 79 age group, Graham aims to win at least one of his favourite events, the 50 or 100 freestyle. He has entered all freestyle events (except the 800) and the 50 fly. Joining him in this exciting journey is his daughter, Angela, who will also be participating in some of the same events. As women will compete separately at the championships, Graham may not have the opportunity to witness Angela’s swims. Over the years, Angela’s skills have surpassed her father’s in most freestyle events, adding an element of friendly competition between them. Both Graham and Angela share the goal of achieving a sub-30 second time in the 50 freestyle, aiming for bragging rights.

For Angela, this will be her second World Swimming Championships, with her first being in 2008, also held in Perth. Her previous experience reignited her passion for swimming after temporarily stopping due to a shoulder injury at the age of 19. Angela’s parents, who have been dedicated Masters swimmers, instilled in her the values of fitness, friendship and fun. Since her first championships, Angela has fully embraced the joy of swimming alongside individuals of different generations and abilities, leading her to continue her swimming journey.

In celebration of her 50th year, Angela has set herself the challenge of participating in three 50m sprint races in Fukuoka, followed by travel with her husband, Michael. Angela is also excited to be competing in the same age group as Olympic legend, Susie O’Neill in the 50 fly event.

With their shared love for swimming and the opportunity to compete together at the World Masters Championships, Graham and Angela are prepared for an incredible experience in Fukuoka. Their dedication, skill, and determination will undoubtedly make their races memorable, and they carry the support and admiration of the Masters swimming community across Australia.

Best of luck to Graham and Angela!