Posted on Wednesday 14th December, 2022

2022 Lake Barrine OWS

The 2022 Lake Barrine OWS was held on Sunday 27 November. The lake provided perfect conditions for the fifty-five competitors from throughout Queensland who swam on the day. Unfortunately, we had a few withdrawals due to COVID and injuries prior to the event. The numbers were down from 2021 due to a few reasons.

The weekends’ preparations started on Saturday with the preparing of the buoys by Cairns Mudcrabs with some help from Ted and Brian, then Muddies setting the course. Muddies provided the IRB and crew, including a Jason’s Cradle, for the duration of the swim. Following the completion of the swim, Muddies dismantled all the buoys – thank you to all from Cairns Mudcrabs who assisted, greatly appreciated.

Sunday was an early start with 10k registrations at 7am and other registrations starting one hour prior to their event time. Malanda Masters looked after the registration table and excelled as usual – thank you to all from Malanda Masters. Gary setting up the timing system and providing the timing chips for both individual and relay events. A special thanks to Gary and Cairns Crocs for allowing us to use their timing chips, this is greatly appreciated.

John Barrett conducted all swim briefings 15 minutes prior to each event including all rules explained and the course confirmed. John was also starter for each event.

Lap counters and swim feeders worked from the Lake Barrine cruise boat moored just in front of the Tea House, which had a good view of all the course. Thank you to Steve and family for all their support of this event – your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you to Bunna-barra Masters, Malanda Masters, and Belgravia Masters for looking after the feeding station for the 10k and 5k swimmers plus lap counting and Bunna-barra Masters for organising the raffle with some great prizes. Thank you also to Ian and Grace as safety paddlers for the duration of the swim.

A big thank you to photographer Richardson Sanderson. Richard was able to work from the boat and made sure he had a photo of all swimmers. We appreciate your time, Richard.

To all the swimmers thank you for swimming and travelling long distances. We loved having you all up here and the weather was perfect. To all who assisted prior to, during and after the event thank you.

Thank you to Team Elite for the great timber medals and to Category 5 Emergency Care who provided a medic and a lifesaver which are essential in an OWS of these distances.

This is a special event in the North as the swim is also sanctioned by the Rottnest Channel Swim Association as a qualifying event for their Rottnest Channel Swim, with the event listed on their website. This gives wide exposure to the event and the North region.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a bright and Prosperous New Year.

Ted and Cheryl.


BBB 2022 OWS Results