Posted on Monday 10th February, 2020

Noosa Endurance Report

2019 National & State Champions Yet Again! 

Noosa Masters now reign as the Vorgee Endurance 1000 Champions for the 7th consecutive year.  We led our closest opponents by 4,870 points. What a fabulous effort!

The results for the top six clubs are as follows:

Noosa Masters (Qld) 21233
Campbelltown Collegians (N.S.W) 16,363
Tuggeranong Masters (A.C.T) 15,803
Talays Masters (Tas) 15,536
Miami Masters (Qld) 13,302
Darwin Stingers (N.T) 11,634

Seven female swimmers and nine male swimmers were ranked in the Top 10 results for Age and Gender.  Details of rankings by age groups are set out below.

2019 Age & Gender Top Results

45-49     LiQun Hussey        2nd

                Karen Martin        4th

60-64     Jo Matthews          1st Equal

                Jane Powell           1st Equal

65-69     Irene Symons        3rd

80-84     Annie Collins         10th

55-59     Studley Martin      7th

60-64     Mark Powell         1st Equal

                Ian Tucker             1st Equal

                Quentin Lee          4th

                Jim Barnes             7th

70-74     Brian Hoepper      1st Equal

75-79     Rob Lucas              1st Equal

80-84     Barrie Bedding     6th

90-94     Bob McCausland  1st

It was particularly pleasing to see Bob McCausland (90-94 age bracket) achieve a 1st this year, an improvement on his third placing in 2018.  Another tremendous effort was put in by Barrie Bedding (80-84 age bracket) towards the end of the year and despite a limited number of swims he achieved a 6th place.

Thanks must go to our club supporters, club members and the Endurance Team – Tricia, Jane, Denise, Grant, Wendy I, Adele, Linda, Helen, Quentin and Bob Martin.

A full listing of the Vorgee Endurance 1000 points detailing each member’s tally is readily available on the MSQ web site.


As at May 2019, Noosa Masters had 76 registered members of whom 63 (compared to 65 last year) participated in the program.  This was an excellent participation rate across the club.

Our average points tally per participant was 268 (compared to 255 last year).  Masters Clubs that amassed high averages were;

Singleton (NSW)                   745 pts     4 participants

West Auburn (NSW)            618 pts   12 participants

Castle Hill R.S.L (NSW)        503 pts     6 participants

Six of our members achieved maximum points (1,005)

They are: Brian Hoepper, Jane Powell, Ian Tucker, Rob Lucas, Mark Powell, Jo Matthews

A notable omission from this illustrious line up was Irene Symons (950 pts).

Irene apparently succumbed to a minor injury towards the end of the program thus preventing her from completing it and achieving maximum points. Well done, Irene!! All the best for a speedy recovery in 2020, Irene! 


Mention should also be made of the performances of many of our swimmers including:

Adele Tucker                        803 pts

Quentin Lee                          800 pts

Denise De Carlo                   775 pts  

Ian Mitchell                           695 pts  

LiQun Hussey                        737pts

Rod Alfredson                      664 pts

Sally Johnson                        576 pts

Studley Martin                      610 pts

Jim Barnes                             596 pts  

3000m Swim Stars 2019

One of the longest swims you can do in the program is the one hour swim. A number of members completed the award target of 3000 metres. In particular mention should be made of Ian Tucker’s effort of swimming 3600 metres (and he still had a bit left in the tank at the end) and Karen Barton who achieved swims in both the backstroke (3225m) and freestyle (3200m).

A list of the swims is set out in the table below. Well done swim stars for 2019.

IAN TUCKER                           3600

WENDY NOTHDURFT           3400

STUDLEY MARTIN                 3400

JO MATTHEWS                      3300

KAREN BARTON                    3225 BACK

KAREN BARTON                    3200 FREE

ADRIAN WILSON                  3200

IRENE SYMONS                     3175

DYANA BENNY                      3150

MARK POWELL                     3150

JAN CROFT                            3125

DENISE De CARLO                3100

BRIAN HOEPPER                   3100

QUENTIN LEE                        3075


Special thanks to Tricia Chalmers for her great record keeping and compiling all the stats for this report.


The first few Endurance Sessions have been very well attended with many of our members making the most of the opportunity to undertake postals for the upcoming Miami and Hervey Bay carnivals. 

Let us endeavour to maintain the momentum throughout 2020.

Finally, I would like to personally give my thanks to ALL those Club members who participated.  Please congratulate yourselves on a sterling effort!

Rod Alfredson

QNA Endurance Coordinator