Posted on Monday 5th June, 2023

Great Barrier Reef Masters Games 2023 Summary

The sixth edition of the Great Barrier Reef Masters Games took place from 25 to 27 May in Cairns. This multi-sport competition, presented by Cairns Regional Council with support from Tourism and Events Queensland, provided a wonderful opportunity for adults to engage in friendly competition in over 23 sports while promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.

MSQ once again hosted the swimming competition at the beautiful Tobruk Memorial Pool in Cairns over the three days, attracting 162 participants from 45 clubs around the country. This location served as an excellent venue for the games, with its state-of-the-art facilities and proximity to the Great Barrier Reef and the many other tourist attractions in the area.

Throughout the three-day event, swimmers showcased their talent, determination and passion for swimming. The games were marked by impressive performances, as well as moments of camaraderie and sportsmanship, as athletes supported one another and celebrated their accomplishments.

In addition to the competitive aspect, the Masters Games offered a range of social activities and events. Participants had the opportunity to connect with fellow athletes, exchange experiences, and create lasting memories at the Opening Ceremony, Sportsperson’s Dinner, Shipwrecked Party, and the Barn Dance. These social events fostered a sense of community and provided a platform for participants to form new friendships with like-minded individuals who share a love for sports and an active lifestyle.

Swimming at The Great Barrier Reef Masters Games in Cairns was a resounding success, embodying the spirit of friendly competition, sportsmanship, and community engagement. The event not only celebrated the achievements of the participants but also promoted the importance of lifelong physical activity and the positive impact it can have on all involved.

Sincere thanks to the team who worked together to ensure the success of GBRMG Swimming. Thank you to Sport Convenor, Cheryl Brodribb and Meet Director, Ted Bunt for working with MSQ to host this event. The efforts and contributions of our team of officials, marshals, timekeepers, timing operators, recorders, results runners, medal presenters and other volunteers were instrumental in creating an unforgettable experience for athletes, spectators, and all those engaged in the event.

Over the three days of swimming competition, a total of 156 records were broken. Congratulations to all record breakers.

Records Broken at GBRMG23
Australian records 3
Queensland records 15
Victorian records 2
Tasmanian records 2
Northern Territory records 3
GBRMG records 131
Total: 156

Congratulations also to the major awards winners of the Games:

Female Swimmer of the Meet      
1 Kady Ibell QUQ 25-29 3851
Male Swimmer of the Meet      
1 John McKaig QTA 50-54 3829
Multi Class Swimmer of the Meet      
1 Celeste Labuschagne QLT 35-39  

For all meet information, results and statistics, please see the MSQ website:

Thank you to all for attending, and see you back in Cairns next time.

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