Technical Officials

Technical Officials

Technical Officials in Masters Swimming


Director of Technical Services: John Barrett @

What is a technical official?

Masters Swimming Queensland is reliant on its volunteer officials to assist at all inter-club and state swim meets. Anyone can become a technical official. A technical official can be any one of the following:

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Courses on any of the above are free. To become a fully qualified official, all 'positions' need to be completed. The time it takes is dependent on the person. The more you attend swim meets to fulfill the practical experience and accumulate the required hours, the sooner you achieve the complete qualification.

For more information on the courses, click on Technical to take you to the MSA website.

Your club may wish to nominate one of your officials as the Official of the Year .The nomination forms are available from the main menu at Resources>General Information>Forms.


This page is designed to give swimmers information on various aspects of rules in Masters Swimming. Courses held throughout the year are listed below the RULES' section. The information is relevant and is often provided as a result of observations made by our technical officials, who may repeatedly encounter certain problems. Should you have any questions, please send the MSQ Director of Technical Services an email. Email contact: If you wish to have certain information added, please contact the Administrator: Email contact:


Courses: 11 May 2019 - Timekeeper Course - Yeronga Pool - 10-11:30am. For more information, click on Flyer  


Link to the MSA Swimming and Open Water Swimming Rules page: MSA Swimming Rules Guide to Rule Differences for SAL Referees Cross Accreditation and Re-accreditation SAL Accredited Officials


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