2020 Swim Series Cancelled

The MSA April General Meeting was held via video conferencing, and the Branches discussed and considered the fairness of the Swim Series given the cancellation of the MSV, MSWA and MSQ events due to COVID-19.
For these reasons, and to maintain the fairness of the competition, the Branches and NBM agreed to cancel the 2020 Swim Series, with regret.


Swim Series

The MASTERS SWIMMING AUSTRALIA NATIONAL SWIM SERIES boasts a mix of Long and Short Course meets across Australia. It rewards members’ participation and performance in any of the Meets, with members only needing to swim two meets to be eligible for prizes.

The more Meets you enter, the better the multiplier for your points.

Ten meets make up the MASTERS SWIMMING AUSTRALIA 2020 NATIONAL SWIM SERIES – the highlight being the 2020 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS, to be held in Sydney.

So if you want to travel Australia, make new friends and swim at any of the ten pool competitions throughout the 2020 year, we would love to see you.